Traveling is easy. It can be done by anyone, literally, anyone. Telling that to my parents is another task in itself; planning a trip really doesn’t need to take 5 years. You can plan a fantastic trip in just months or mere weeks before you’re set to take off and holiday. But, I digress. Traveling really can be done by anyone, and there are thousands of websites, Pinterest pages, blogs and Instagram accounts showcasing that anyone can grab their laptop, their passport, their camera and head out into the world. But, traveling right is another story.

20170204_120019There are so many ways to travel, so many avenues you can go down and knowing which one to choose can get you every time. Are you the backpacker? The hotel and luxury stayer? The apartment finder and local connoisseur? The one who will jump at the chance of tours, who will camp in the mountains of Iceland, walk into a protest in Paris (and not get scared away) or the one who wants to sit in cafés, sipping on their coffees observing the world around them and taking in everything that the place they are in at that moment has to offer? Perhaps you’re all of these mixed together, ready to stay in a treehouse ‘hotel’ in Costa Rica one moment, while in the next, the banks of the Seine and shopping in Paris calls to you from a bottle of Nicolas Francois. This website is here to help you answer the question on which traveler you really are and which route you want to take. There will, of course, be tips on how to stay safe and happy on your exploration of this beautiful word, and the obligatory musings from travel experiences gone from perfect to wonderfully awry.  Adventure, at the time it is taking place, is rarely the 10/10 moment you’re looking for, but when you share the stories with your friends and family it’s then when your heart will swell with excitement and pride from getting out of a sticky situation or learning new things on the experiences you never thought you’d have.


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