Budget-Friendly Christmas Stocking Stuffers for the Traveler on your List

In need of some traveler-approved stocking stuffers? I've got you covered! Budget-friendly and still drool-worthy!

Well. It’s the middle of December and that means it’s stocking stuffer buying time! Or, if you’re like my fiance, then it’s Christmas present buying time. I hope you weren’t like him and you listened to my list of traveler-approved items to buy for your friends and family and they’re well on their way to your doorstep or safely hidden (bonus points if they’re wrapped!) away in a closet or under a bed somewhere. If not, go back and read this beauty of a post I made and then continue on with this one for some great stocking stuffer gift ideas for the traveler in your family.

In need of some travel-approved skincare this Christmas?Eye masks

These little beauties are easy to pack and can be used on the plane and during a night of relaxation on your trip. Eyes are often ignored, but these masks make it easy. You can simply pop these bad boys on while getting ready for a day of exploring and give your eyes some much needed moisture and revitalization. Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin, so always pack eye and face masks, no matter the type of trip!


Facial Mist

This little friend of mine is always with me. In my purse, in my bathroom, in my carry-on for every trip I take – even if it’s a short haul flight. Flying can cause your skin to look…blah. A spritz of a facial mist and your skin will perk right up, soaking in the moisture. It also works wonders when kept in a fridge during those hot vacations we’re all hoping for right now.

Travel yoga mat

Continuing your yoga practice, or any work-out, on vacation is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind. However, keeping to a daily routine can help keep you strong and calm during your travels. Depending on the stocking size, this mat may not fit, but is a budget-friendly Christmas present that anyone (traveler or yogi) will love to find under the tree.

Passport Protector

Passport holders seem ridiculous at the first glance, but actually come in really handy. Any documents that you need or cards that you want on you at all times? Just simply slip them into the passport holder and away you go! Much slimmer and easier to carry than a giant purse, coming in handy when it comes time to really getting down and dirty exploring your new town.


Feeling thirsty? Learn more about how you can make your own cocktails in flight!Take-Along Drinks

What makes a flight more luxurious than your own Moscow Mule? Pack one of these adorable packets into the stocking of a traveler and they’ll be toasting to you while in the sky.

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