Last Post Here on Done Right Traveling

Hello, all! You may have noticed that I've been a little MIA lately, and that's because I've been cooking up new ideas and - finally - implementing plans! Change is always good, right?....right?! Well, this change is definitely good. This post is a little different from all my rantings and ravings, because it's my last … Continue reading Last Post Here on Done Right Traveling

How to meditate in the airport without looking like a crazy hippie

How to Meditate in the Airport Without Looking Like a Crazy Hippie

Traveling can be stressful. That we all know. Keeping your sanity can be hard (although I've carved out a few tips here), especially because you're in public. An excellent way to keep your sanity and refresh your mind? Meditate. Something you don't want to do in front of hundreds of people? Meditate. How do you … Continue reading How to Meditate in the Airport Without Looking Like a Crazy Hippie

A wellness festival that screams opulence

Prairie Snowflake: A Luxurious Wellness Festival

Opulence. Comfort. Calming. It’s what a wellness festival should feel like. Prairie Snowflake hit the mark the second I arrived to check-in at the Fort Garry Hotel. The iconic hotel screams of luxurious nights out and mistakes made. It’s where you can picture ladies in fur coats, a soft cloche and long cigarette holder over … Continue reading Prairie Snowflake: A Luxurious Wellness Festival

How to pack for a yoga festival

Packing for a Yoga Festival

Packing for a yoga festival is the most fun I ever have packing for any trip; there are just so many cute accessories to bring along and everything looks Instagram-worthy. For this festival, I'm staying in a hotel (Hotel Fort Garry for some extra luxury), so there was no need to pack camping equipment like … Continue reading Packing for a Yoga Festival

find out what happened when I stopped meditating and practicing yoga

What Happened When I Stopped Meditating and Practicing Yoga

I would’ve been the first to tell you that yoga is boring and meditating is garbage. But, the last couple of years brought on such severe migraines I was willing to try anything – if you told me that buying a pig and rubbing its belly every day would cure me, I’d do it. So, … Continue reading What Happened When I Stopped Meditating and Practicing Yoga

Seeing Canada: Prairie Love Festival

What's more prairie than festivals and nature? Add in a little yoga and you've yourself a wonderfully unique festival found right outside of Winnipeg. The Prairie Love Festival is a weekend in Birds Hill Provincial Park full of hippie kind of love, yoga, meditation, workshops, and of course, shopping. There is a Mindful Market where … Continue reading Seeing Canada: Prairie Love Festival

Ever wondered what it would be like to do yoga outside in the snow? The Fire & Ice Yoga Festival at Fort Whyte Alive made Winnipeggers feel the burn - even in -40

Fire & Ice – Yoga Festival for Snow Angels

There are lots of things to do in Winnipeg if you look hard enough. For those who have grown up in this city, complaints about the town – whether it’s the winter, the potholes, the mosquitoes, or the driving – is top of mind. But, for a city in the middle of nowhere, there are … Continue reading Fire & Ice – Yoga Festival for Snow Angels


I figured I could jump on the band wagon, I mean, even Vogue has a colouring book! Although, it did feel good to sit and chill out for awhile, not thinking about the next thing that needed to be done or what I was going to do the week - or months - ahead. Sitting on an airplane with nowhere to go, people surrounding you, can get a lot of people feeling anxious