Last Post Here on Done Right Traveling

Hello, all! You may have noticed that I've been a little MIA lately, and that's because I've been cooking up new ideas and - finally - implementing plans! Change is always good, right?....right?! Well, this change is definitely good. This post is a little different from all my rantings and ravings, because it's my last … Continue reading Last Post Here on Done Right Traveling

Why Famous Monuments are so Disappointing

Cannes Film Festival: the Disappointing Pavilion

When you think of the Cannes Film Festival, you think of glitz, glamour, and all things beautiful. You have a certain expectation that when you – finally! – get to Cannes you’ll have a magical moment where you just know Ryan Gosling will walk out of a gorgeous yacht and claim his love for you. … Continue reading Cannes Film Festival: the Disappointing Pavilion

A wellness festival that screams opulence

Prairie Snowflake: A Luxurious Wellness Festival

Opulence. Comfort. Calming. It’s what a wellness festival should feel like. Prairie Snowflake hit the mark the second I arrived to check-in at the Fort Garry Hotel. The iconic hotel screams of luxurious nights out and mistakes made. It’s where you can picture ladies in fur coats, a soft cloche and long cigarette holder over … Continue reading Prairie Snowflake: A Luxurious Wellness Festival

Explore Canada: Nopiming Provincial Park. Beautiful hiking trails and quiet camping!

Seeing Canada: Nopiming Provincial Park

Nothing feels more magical than hiking through a forest lush with trees that are slowly turning burnt colours of yellow, orange and red. Of course, provincial parks are best visited in the summer months with boaters happily enjoying the water and sunbathers baking on the hot sand and docks. But, there's something soothing about visiting … Continue reading Seeing Canada: Nopiming Provincial Park

Seeing Canada: Prairie Love Festival

What's more prairie than festivals and nature? Add in a little yoga and you've yourself a wonderfully unique festival found right outside of Winnipeg. The Prairie Love Festival is a weekend in Birds Hill Provincial Park full of hippie kind of love, yoga, meditation, workshops, and of course, shopping. There is a Mindful Market where … Continue reading Seeing Canada: Prairie Love Festival

Seeing Canada: Steam Whistle Brewery

Small brewing companies have been popping up all over Canada for decades now, but have only really taken the lead within the last few years. What used to be only hipster beer and the choice for those who only drink anything that isn’t ‘main stream’ and therefore, death producing, is now quickly gaining ground with … Continue reading Seeing Canada: Steam Whistle Brewery

Ever wondered what the perfect morning in Paris looked like? Check it out here!

The Perfect Morning in Paris

Buying Flowers in Paris & a Stroll through the Tuileries To be in Paris is like no other feeling in the world; simply walking down the cobbled streets, admiring storefront windows, passersby, tourists, and locals all brushing past you in a whirlwind of colour – albeit mostly black from the locals and from those tourists … Continue reading The Perfect Morning in Paris

Beautiful French River, Ontario

Seeing Canada: French River

The Lodge at Pine Cove There are so many articles on places to go in Canada; after all, it is the 150th birthday this year. We’re getting old and we love to celebrate. Cabins, outdoors, and beers? What’s more Canadian than that? That’s just what I experienced at The Lodge at Pine Cove, probably one … Continue reading Seeing Canada: French River

The Day I Made* Baguettes in Paris *sorta

Every good and romantic experience happens in Paris when it's raining. Of course, the sunny days are good, too; but, there's just something about Paris in the rain. Somehow, it's just breathtakingly beautiful. The day I visited a bakery, tired but excited to learn how to make croissants and baguettes, was no different. The rain … Continue reading The Day I Made* Baguettes in Paris *sorta