Meditation & Relaxation

Anxiety can riddle any sane person; when it comes to traveling, anxiety can become tenfold. What is the plane explodes in mid-air? What if we’re high-jacked? What if I’m stolen by a Mexican cartel? If any of these thoughts have logical and legitimate back-up (like a very uneasy feeling about a specific person at a bar or if you’re heading into very unsafe territory), then let the anxiety wash over you making you re-think some of your travel plans and keep yourself safe. But, if this is what you’re thinking because you’re going to a resort, to a city that hasn’t had any type of terrorist attack or guerrilla warfare at all or for years, deeming it reasonably safe, then you need to relax. Which is funny to say, because just telling a person to relax doesn’t mean they will.

Relaxing takes time and effort – lots of effort. For those who don’t need to consciously think to relax, it sounds strange to focus on relaxing, after all, they just do it on impulse. But, to a person who is constantly anxious or gets anxious when flying or traveling (but still loves to explore), then relaxing can turn cumbersome. This section is dedicated to things that make you feel calm and cool, ready to take on the world and whatever it will throw at you next. Because, being a smart traveler means more than just knowing where the best cafes are and how to stay safe.