How to walk like a Parisienne

How to Walk like a Parisienne

How do you walk like Parisienne? The simple answer: don't care and do whatever you want. The walking style in Paris is very chaotic and stressful to witness; it could be likened to the style of New Yorkers (although I've never been to NYC and only have other people's references to fall back onto). While … Continue reading How to Walk like a Parisienne

Ever wondered what the perfect morning in Paris looked like? Check it out here!

The Perfect Morning in Paris

Buying Flowers in Paris & a Stroll through the Tuileries To be in Paris is like no other feeling in the world; simply walking down the cobbled streets, admiring storefront windows, passersby, tourists, and locals all brushing past you in a whirlwind of colour – albeit mostly black from the locals and from those tourists … Continue reading The Perfect Morning in Paris

It’s Okay to Eat McDonald’s Abroad, I Promise

A lot of people think that they have to stick to the local food when traveling; else they give the type of tourist vibe where you're only in town for the cheap souvenirs and sights. These are the travelers, or rather, trip-goers, that locals hate; the ones who wear fanny packs (who doesn’t hate a … Continue reading It’s Okay to Eat McDonald’s Abroad, I Promise