How to walk like a Parisienne

How to Walk like a Parisienne

How do you walk like Parisienne? The simple answer: don't care and do whatever you want. The walking style in Paris is very chaotic and stressful to witness; it could be likened to the style of New Yorkers (although I've never been to NYC and only have other people's references to fall back onto). While … Continue reading How to Walk like a Parisienne

My kind of Paris is more than just champagne and's the charming grim that infuses the day to day life

My Kinda Paris

I talk about Paris A Lot. I think about Paris even more. There's a lot that's associated with the city and me. It was the first place I went to on a really big trip away from my parents, my friends, my country. It was where I met my high school boyfriend that led into … Continue reading My Kinda Paris

The 5 types of trips you must take before 30!

5 Types of Vacations you Must Take Before you Turn 30

30 isn’t that old. It really better not be that old because I’m fast-approaching it and am very into my youthful looks and ways. But….30 is when a lot of things start to change. Not just your body (but that will happen, too) and your thought-process – somehow staying up until 5am drinking jagerbombs doesn’t … Continue reading 5 Types of Vacations you Must Take Before you Turn 30

Packing for a trip is more than just what to wear; it's what to listen to, as well. Find out why a travel playlist is so important to your next trip!

The Importance of a Travel Playlist

There are many songs that bring you back to a specific place and time. Patio Lanterns reminds me of warm summer nights spent in a small town outside my city with the smell of fresh cut grass fragrantly filling the air; anything by Backstreet Boys and O-Town and I’m instantly 13, again; and then there’s … Continue reading The Importance of a Travel Playlist

Ever wondered what the perfect morning in Paris looked like? Check it out here!

The Perfect Morning in Paris

Buying Flowers in Paris & a Stroll through the Tuileries To be in Paris is like no other feeling in the world; simply walking down the cobbled streets, admiring storefront windows, passersby, tourists, and locals all brushing past you in a whirlwind of colour – albeit mostly black from the locals and from those tourists … Continue reading The Perfect Morning in Paris

The Day I Made* Baguettes in Paris *sorta

Every good and romantic experience happens in Paris when it's raining. Of course, the sunny days are good, too; but, there's just something about Paris in the rain. Somehow, it's just breathtakingly beautiful. The day I visited a bakery, tired but excited to learn how to make croissants and baguettes, was no different. The rain … Continue reading The Day I Made* Baguettes in Paris *sorta

So you want to get a Tattoo Abroad

I knew that happening on a shop that was clean, professional, and had a walk-in spot open within an hour was some sort of a miracle. There are tons of places in my own city that I wouldn't think of entering without extensive research, but somehow, when I was out in a foreign city, all of the smart senses escaped me and the giddiness of doing something so wild and fun took over.

It’s Okay to Eat McDonald’s Abroad, I Promise

A lot of people think that they have to stick to the local food when traveling; else they give the type of tourist vibe where you're only in town for the cheap souvenirs and sights. These are the travelers, or rather, trip-goers, that locals hate; the ones who wear fanny packs (who doesn’t hate a … Continue reading It’s Okay to Eat McDonald’s Abroad, I Promise