A wellness festival that screams opulence

Prairie Snowflake: A Luxurious Wellness Festival

Opulence. Comfort. Calming. It’s what a wellness festival should feel like. Prairie Snowflake hit the mark the second I arrived to check-in at the Fort Garry Hotel. The iconic hotel screams of luxurious nights out and mistakes made. It’s where you can picture ladies in fur coats, a soft cloche and long cigarette holder over … Continue reading Prairie Snowflake: A Luxurious Wellness Festival

How to pack for a yoga festival

Packing for a Yoga Festival

Packing for a yoga festival is the most fun I ever have packing for any trip; there are just so many cute accessories to bring along and everything looks Instagram-worthy. For this festival, I'm staying in a hotel (Hotel Fort Garry for some extra luxury), so there was no need to pack camping equipment like … Continue reading Packing for a Yoga Festival