Seeing Canada: Prairie Love Festival

What's more prairie than festivals and nature? Add in a little yoga and you've yourself a wonderfully unique festival found right outside of Winnipeg. The Prairie Love Festival is a weekend in Birds Hill Provincial Park full of hippie kind of love, yoga, meditation, workshops, and of course, shopping. There is a Mindful Market where … Continue reading Seeing Canada: Prairie Love Festival

Ever wondered what it would be like to do yoga outside in the snow? The Fire & Ice Yoga Festival at Fort Whyte Alive made Winnipeggers feel the burn - even in -40

Fire & Ice – Yoga Festival for Snow Angels

There are lots of things to do in Winnipeg if you look hard enough. For those who have grown up in this city, complaints about the town – whether it’s the winter, the potholes, the mosquitoes, or the driving – is top of mind. But, for a city in the middle of nowhere, there are … Continue reading Fire & Ice – Yoga Festival for Snow Angels